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Tonight: Daylight Savings Time Ends

Daylight Savings Time comes to an end tonight, Motzei Shabbos. At 2:00am, all clocks should “fall back” to 1:00am, giving everyone a much appreciated extra hour of sleep.

It’s a good idea to change the clocks before going to bed to avoid any confusion in the morning.

The New York City Office of Emergency Management reminds New Yorkers to change the batteries in their smoke detectors as well.

Click on the links to learn more about Standard Time and Daylight Savings time.


  • 1. Leave it on DST (Daylight Savings Time) wrote:

    Why can’t we just leave the clock on DST a whole year everyone appreciates when it’s still light outside when driving home from work, who likes it when @ 4:45 / 5 pm its dark outside, the more light we could get the better it is, I can’t stand when Shkia is @ 4:30 & the earliest candle lighting is @ 4:11 pm, if we left the clocks on DST the latest Shabbos would start (Shkia I mean) would be 5:30, that’s not too bad, in general not just Shabbos, during the week, I would like to drive home from work & still be light out, No one likes that by 5 it’s pitch dark out, let’s leave DST alone & not change the clock, back it 1974 they did it & it was Great !!!

    • 2. Richard Roe wrote:

      Sure, as long as you’re also willing to make arrangements for people who have to be at work early, and who under your scheme won’t be able to daven Shacharis until 8 am in the middle of the winter…

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      You’re nuts. Even in NYC it would mean the sun rising as late as 8:20 in the morning, and in cities further west it would be even later, even after 9. In 1974 it was horrible. Children were in serious danger, going to school in the dark.

      And davening was a serious problem. Even in NYC people had to start davening without talis & tefilin, and wait at Yishtabach. In Detroit even that was impossible, and people had to choose between davening and keeping their jobs.

      Besides, the whole purpose of DST was to save money on candles, but nowadays running the A/C an extra hour costs many times whatever you save on having the lights on an hour less.

      And late summer shabbos is such a pain that people daven maariv early, which is really not what you’re supposed to do.

    • 4. Arizona wrote:

      Thats how it is in arizona. They don’t change their clocks and its the best thing ever.

    • 5. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      Why did Israel adopt this DST craziness? Maybe they will switch to using horse and buggy and telegrams?

  • 7. To #3 wrote:

    How do remember 1974, u must be in your early to mid 60s ? The point I wanted to say is that even in Detroit the latest sunrise will be in the winter is 8 am & the earliest Shkia is 5 pm, so yes u do have a point, so I guess in Detroit the only way ppl could make it to work on time is a Naeitz Shachris minyan, otherwise they won’t make it to work, but what abt ppl who have to be @ work @ 8:30 what do they do, the great thing is, is that it does get earlier B”H but it’s a slow process

  • 8. To #4 wrote:

    What’s the latest sunrise & earliest sunset in Phoenix & Tucson ? In Houston as well the latest sunrise is 7:18 & the earliest sunset is 5:22, so yes there is a point of changing the clock, every city has it’s advantages of how early sunset is & how late sunrise is, but everyone has the disadvantage of it being completely dark by the time they get home from work, but truly I don’t like the extremely early shabbos, so there is a compromise to just change the clock by only 1/2 an hour this way, it wouldn’t be too early or late, it would be right in the middle, the same would go for DST to change it only 1/2 an hour, there was a discussion on a website abt this concept instead of being a whole hour it would be 1/2

  • 9. To #6 wrote:

    Why do u ask if someone actually goes to work ? How rude !! Do u actually think this person stays home all day in his bed watching YouTube videos not leaving the house the whole day ? If the person says they work, u should trust their word, the nasty comment u made is truly insulting to ppl, questioning if they have a job & if they actually go to work everyday, Do u have a job ? Do u go to work everyday ?


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