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Mitzvah Tank Office Expects Bigger Sukkos Season

With Sukkos quickly approaching, dozens of Bochurim and Shluchim have already confirmed their Sukkah Mobiles for this coming Chol Hamo’ed. After tremendous efforts, by Bochurim and Yungerleit, the Sukkahs are ready to be assembled, rental contracts are already confirmed and much more has already been done in advance of what promises to be the biggest Sukkah Mobile season yet.

Last Year alone, close to 40 Sukkah Mobiles, including three 20′ flatbed trucks, have been organized through the Mitzvah Tank Org. “This year,” the organizers say, “It will be even bigger!”

This year the Mitzvah Tank Org. is offering 2 completely new packages for Shluchim and Bochurim. Whether you need a Sukkah mobile for one day, the entire Sukkos, have your own pickup truck or just need Bochurim they have a package for you. There is even a free package available this year.

“We reserve the pickup trucks. We supply and build the Sukkah, which includes stairs and a bamboo mat, a music system, and for Bochurim we even find you a location to do Mivtzoim and much more…”

To reserve a Sukkah Mobile, please do so ASAP by filling out this form. Or for more info, call (718) 804-0077 extension 112 or email .


  • 1. Beautiful wrote:

    So many people have found their way back home thru sukkah mobiles and mitzva tanks. Kein yirbu

  • 2. Rabbi Shmuli wrote:

    Yasher koach to all the organizer’s!
    Its really amazing, i had them come last year and since then one of my mekoravim decided to go to yeshiva.
    All from the buchrim coming with the sukkah mobile! And the buchrim probably don’t even know what they were poiel, and I don’t remember they’re names either. You really never know what Mivtzoim with the Rebbe’s kochois can do! Kol hakavoid!


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