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Only You Can Save Him from Prison

The following letter is addressed to the entire community:


28 Sivan 5777

Dear fellow Jews,

A long time member of Anash and resident of Crown heights, a father to a large family ka”h, recently fell into a bad business deal, which resulted in a criminal case against him. Although a crime was done, this person actually did not commit the crime being brought against him.

He is currently facing up to two years jail time. With Hashem’s Nisim, the judge and prosecutors have agreed to give this individual a way out of this whole saga, by paying up the parties who were effected.

A sum of $59,000 needs to be collected ASAP in order to pay the remainder towards the court agreed settlement plus a very minimal amount to the lawyer on the case, who gave a huge huge discount.

The Yungerman is penniless and cannot afford any of this money alone.

Please participate in this great mitzvah of פדיון שבויים which will directly acquit this person from any wrongdoing, avoiding prison time and allowing him and his family to move forward with their lives.

The details of this case are 100% verified.

All donations are tax deductible through NCFJE’s Pidyon Shvuyim fund.

Rabbi Levi Garelik

Rabbi Shea Hecht

Rabbi Benjy Stock

Moshe Pinson

Shua Brook

Yaacov Behrman

Yoni Raskin

Nachman Dov Vichnin

To contribute, please visit


    • 2. My bookslf wrote:

      One of the highest forms of tzedaka is; when the giver does not know to whom they are giving.

  • 3. Agree with #1 wrote:

    If you want help, be open, what happened.
    How can you say he really did not break the law, but he wants thousands of dollars to keep him out of prison. what it is, he broke the law, but he is sorry he got caught, and he wants us to pay alot of $ for his maistakes.

    Love how all these names certify he really didn’t break the law.
    Like we should just blindly trust in them like they know better than us, we are not able to handle the facts, or the truth.
    I learned in yeshiva, Torah said we must follow the law of the land.

  • 4. Shmuli wrote:

    To Shmuel

    You seem to not understand the idea of Tzedoka. The receiver shouldn’t know who you are and you shouldn’t know who they are. And yes, I did give. You should too.

  • 6. Bubby wrote:

    Maybe this is a scam? How do we know this is legit without any details!


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