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CHK Releases List of Kosher L’Pesach Products

CHK, the Kashrus division of the Beis Din of Crown Heights, headed by Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, released a list of products that are under its supervision for Pesach this year.

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  • 1. Products wrote:

    Are these products approved for use by all Chabad? I thought there is an issue with using products or dairy. This is great!

    • 2. no wrote:

      some people dont eat products or use dairy. this list is for people who do eat them. Also, even people who dont eat manufactured food still need matzah and wine

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      Chabad has no issue at all with using dairy. It’s an utter bobbe mayseh. The reason many families don’t use a lot of dairy is simply that with so much of Pesach occupied with Shabbos and Yomtov, when we’re fleishik anyway, it seems like too much trouble to have a lot of milchike keilim; it’s simpler to stick with fleishiks for all meals, and at most have a few milchige cups and spoons.

      We do try to avoid manufactured products as much as possible, for the same reason that we avoid home-made products that were made in someone else’s home. On Pesach we try, as much as possible, to eat only things that we ourselves made from raw ingredients, so we can be completely confident about the care that went into protecting them from chomets. However hardly anyone manages to make everything themselves; almost everyone buys matsoh and wine, and many/most also buy such staples as oil, sugar, and coffee; basically anything you can’t easily make at home and can’t see yourself doing without for a week.

    • 4. Emunah wrote:

      The Rebbe ate Schmerling chocolate on Pesach.

      I assume if he did, them all chassidim would, could and maybe even should also eat it on pessach, unless they are frummer than the Rebbe!

  • 6. To 'products' wrote:

    This list means the CHK approves that there is no chametz and all ingredients are kosher for pesach. Those who have the custom not to eat processed or dairy foods still keep to their custom.


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