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Industry Veteran Shares Safety Tips for School Buses

Rabbi Moshe Shomer was the owner of a school bus company in Toronto for 30 years, usually operating a fleet of over 20 buses. Now semi-retired and living in Crown Heights, Rabbi Shomer compiled a list of school bus safety tips for both students and parents, culled from his decades of experience, which he offered to share with the Crown Heights community as the new school year begins.

For children:

  • Do not approach the bus until it comes to a full, complete stop and the door/stop sign is open, and be careful on ice and snow not to slip.
  • When you get off the bus, take five giant steps away from the bus, out of the danger zone.
  • Cross in front of the bus, and make sure the bus driver can always see you.
  • Never, never go back for anything.
  • Never bend down near or under the bus.
  • Never walk behind the bus, even when the bus is not in motion
  • Never run after the bus if you missed the bus or for any reason.

For parents:

  • Please go over the above rules with your children.
  • Assure your children that you won’t get made if they don’t if they do not go back on to the bus for anything they may have left behind.
  • Instruct your children to never look for school work they may have dropped under or near the bus.
  • Make sure all the drawstrings on backpacks and clothing are shortened or removed to lessen the likelihood of them getting caught in bus doors, railing and/or aisles.
  • Please be waiting five minutes before bus arrival AM and PM! If you are late, the bus cannot wait for you. Your friends are also waiting at other stops.
  • According to the law, there is absolutely no eating or drinking on buses due to choking hazards (as has happened in the past). Is is advisable not to send any food on the bus. If need be, please send food in a closed, sealed bag and advise your child that it should only be opened once they reach school.
  • Please do not board bus with child, other children get jealous and upset and it delays the bus run.


  • 1. Wow wrote:

    Look bies Rivkah studentes read and learn because u guys are always make trouble on my bus

  • 2. israel wrote:

    “Cross in front of the bus, and make sure the bus driver can always see you.” Only if the driver- like some in ch- blocks both sides of the street.
    Otherwise, go to the corner and cross in a crosswalk. even if the driver can see you, other drivers cant and dont obey the sign/lights

  • 3. My cargo is worth more than gold wrote:

    As a bus driver myself I encourage all parents to read this and give over the contents to their children.


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