Alternate Side Rules Suspended Monday-Thursday

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) and parking meter regulations will be suspended on Monday, July 4, for observance of Independence Day. Alternate side parking regulations also will be suspended Tuesday through Thursday, July 5-7, for a Muslim holiday. Parking meter regulations will be in effect on those days.


  • Yitzchak Mordechai

    4 a Muslim Holiday ? Why should we respect the Muslim world, when they can’t respect other ppl especially Yidden, to the extent that alternate side parking will be suspended for them ? They make a lot of trouble in the world, look what happened last week in Chevron R”L & we should honor & respect their holiday ? How about them learning & acting in a respectful manner?

  • Moshe Eliyahu

    They can’t be respectful, courteous, polite, decent people, all they know is violence they want our land “Eretz HaKodesh” even though in the Muslim religion Mecca is the most sacred place to them & when they bow during prayer their behinds face Yerushalayim, they need 2 get a life & Stop this non sense, it’s time for them 2 get out of isreal, & go back 2 Jordan or Syria, but 4 the US 2 respect their holiday, after what they did on 9/11 & the other terror attacks that took place in the last 9 months, give me a break, “they deserve garbage not respect”

  • Avraham Yehuda

    Yes, there is no reason to respect & honor them, they can’t respect other ppl especially Jews but they really don’t respect anybody but themselves, so why should we respect their holiday, until they get their act together (which will never happen) there is no reason to respect them & honor their holiday by suspending alternate side parking, they make too many issues in the world that they should get respect, especially after what happened last week in Chevron, they deserve nothing, there is no reason to respect someone who doesn’t respect you.