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Chovevei Torah Seeks End to Tuition Crisis

In years past, people from all over the world would donate for scholarships at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Mesivta and Zal. ​Lubavitch now proudly has thousands of more institutions that need funding, but Chovevei Torah doesn’t want today’s bochurim to be left out.

There are appeals for Mikvahs, Sifrei Torah, building funds, renovation funds, annual dinners and more, but recently there have hardly been any for yeshiva education scholarships. Jack gets a free seat at the local Chabad High Holiday Service, but Mendy is still not registered in Yeshiva!

The crisis is real, and presently there are many Bochurim sitting at home after being denied from Yeshiva after Yeshiva due to their parents’ lack of ability to cover and commit to the tuition costs.

Chovevei Torah is doing something about it. They are making it their goal to raise the funds necessary to enroll each of these Bochurim into Yeshiva before Rosh Hashana.

Chovevei Torah is confident that people will respond to the tuition crisis in our own front yard. Every bochur should be welcomed in a yeshiva before he feels forced to choose another path in life.

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  • 2. Suggestion wrote:

    This is a very broad goal. Can i suggest that, just like all other Internet fundraisers, there are some details of a monetary total and how much money is needed per scholarship.

  • 5. Geshmack wrote:

    Difference of course is:
    Rabbi “X” from Chabad “X” makes it his business that “Jack” will get a seat free of charge if he really cannot afford…
    I’m not sure if we can say the same thing today about all Yeshiva administrations if have the same will power as “Rabbi X” in admitting “Mendy” into Yeshiva if his parents truly cannot afford…

    • 6. wow wrote:

      I hear ya but Rabbi X doesn’t have any more expenses if jack comes or not but Rabbi X admitting mendy costs $$$

  • 7. only simchos wrote:

    to number 6
    Really now?
    you really think that this jack cost any money?
    call up any shliach and ask them

  • 8. This is no news! wrote:

    As a father of several Bochurim in Yeshivos I have first-hand experience with the tuition crisis. My boys went to many different Yeshivos in the neighborhood and abroad, and non of them were able to match Chovivei Torah. I got a lot more for a lot less! At Chovivei I paid almost half of what others charge me, and my son got more than double of what others gave him in his past years in other Yishivos. He has never before learned as much as he learned in his year at Chovivei, The skills he picked up, the knowledge he acquired, the inspiration and guidance he received from his truly caring teachers and Hanholo – is priceless, yet I got it for my son for such an affordable price. I hope one day I will be in a situation where I can show my appreciation to the Yesheva by financially supporting their great work. For now I hope my $100 donation and my words of appreciation will help. Thank you so much Chovivei and keep up your good work!!!


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