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Shloshim for Reb Yekutiel Rapp Coincides with 10th Anniversary of Gush Katif Expulsion

The community is invited to participate in the Shloshim for Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp, OBM, which will take place Tuesday evening, July 28, at Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown St. [corner Albany Ave.] from 7:30 to 9:00pm.

Rabbi Rapp was a relentless fighter in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s campaign for Israel’s territorial integrity – or Shleimus HaAretz.  He raised huge sums for endeavors that promoted the Rebbe’s two-fold message that prioritizes Security First along with unmitigated Settlement throughout the liberated lands that were won miraculously in the Six Day War.  As the Rebbe repeated time and again, this will serve as the best deterrent to enemy aggression and demonstrate to the world that we truly believe in our G-d-Given right to live there.

Needless to say, Rabbi Rapp was a vocal opponent of the Gaza Disengagement Plan. Dror Vanunu of The Gush Katif Committee warmly recalled Rabbi Rapp’s strong support and encouragement in the months leading up to and after the expulsion of Gush Katif.  It therefore comes as no surprise that his Shloshim should coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the expulsion, when Rabbi Rapp would have undoubtedly reiterated the Rebbe’s pain and hope for a better future.

To donate to Chabad Lubavitch of NYC’s airports, which Rabbi Rapp founded and is now directed by his son Yosef, please click here.


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  • 1. CHT wrote:

    What a hashchocha protis. To me he seemed very quite man and only spoke in public for shleimus hooretz matters.


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