Besht Opens Weekly Kollel for All Ages

For many of us, spending quality time learning, let alone learning in a yeshiva or kolel, is an unattainable dream. We often crave the ability to incorporate more Torah learning and inspiration into our busy lives, but have resigned ourselves to the fact that this is something from the past.

We manage to find a few minutes here or there for Chitas, Rambam, or even a bit of learning, but spending valuable time studying is simply something that doesn’t relate to our daily experience. We see it as a luxury for yeshiva bochurim, newly-weds or masmidim, who have the opportunity to sit hours poring over holy texts.

For the average person, once we leave the yeshiva world to enter the work world, daily pressures take up much of our precious time and energy, particularly those blessed with wives and children.

We all know that there is a bigger picture to life, a larger all encompassing purpose of why we are put here in this world, why we have families, jobs and chalenges. But because of our full schedules, understandably, we tend to lose track and focus. This can often bring us down, feeling that we lack the inspiration and vision to live our lives true to ourselves. Without a yeshiva/kolel structure it is very difficult to replenish our souls with the vital spiritual fuel we dearly need to help us through our day as proper Yidden and Chassidim intent on bringing Moshiach, the ultimate purpose.

For the first time ever, here in Crown Heights, a kolel opportunity has opened up to all!

A Chassidus kolel with a warm and inviting atmosphere for all members of our dear community will now be available.  Every Thursday evening from 8.15pm-9.30pm, there will first be learning with a chavrusa/study partner, after which an experienced Rosh Kolel will give a shiur on the material that was just studied. This will be followed by maariv.  All learning materials will be provided, as well as light refreshments. Each participant will be paid $25 a week, which will be paid monthly. The kolel will be located at The Besht Centre, 563 Empire Blvd.

This project has been arranged by The Besht Centre. For sponsorship opportunities please call Sruly at 917-442-6603.

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  • way to go besht!

    Way to go besht! They did it again! A revolutionary shul in crown heights!

  • lucky

    With all these tragedies, this is one way to bring moshiach. Count me in.

  • wish I lived in ch

    Wow! Finally something positive coming out of crown heights. Instead of all the shmutz, the besht took the bull by its horns, or the horse by the reigns and is doing something positive. Kol hakavod besht

    • #5

      Totally agree with you. Finally something positive coming out of Kan tziva that the Rebbe will have nachas from. There’s so much garbage going on in ch, especially with what happened recently to their rabbis wife and all the scandal going on, it’s nice to see some positive coming out. All shuls should follow suit.

  • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

    There has been a very active Kolel going on for almost a year in the Anash Shul at 770 Montgomery where over 25 members of Anash learn Chassidus every Thursday night for an hour and a half and they get paid like every other kolel pays.

    Soooooooo, the disease is spreading, Boruch Hashem!

    • Pedant

      The only difference is that I didn’t see the montgomery kollel advertising on nor do we know whether they are accepting, cause I live close to there and would love to do that.

    • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

      Great point, but now you know.

      Actually by word of mouth the Kolel grew week after week and the members come from all parts of Crown Heights.

  • Moshe Zalman

    This is amazing. I love this positive outreach that they generate.

    It’s young leadership there and their Rabbi that brings change to the community.

  • Beautiful and inspiring!

    Love to hear this! Keep the good news coming!

  • miriam s

    I am so happy, finally my husband can do something constructive other then consume choolont on thursday night.

    • To Ari

      sounds like u don’t live in crown heights.
      on troy avenue, the meat store there has cholent nite on thursday nites, and if u look, there r prolly more places also offering…

  • yanky p

    I have been going to the Besht for over a year now. I love the children program and the ever increasing programming thats planned by the amazing Shul Board.

    Kol hakavod!

  • L Alenick

    Such a beautiful concept to motivate our brothers and fathers to learn!

  • trailblazer

    The besht is a true trailblazer of a shul! This will surly bring moshiach. Everyone in ch should attend this “sheves achim game yachad” event. With Rabbi Kuperman at the helm, the besht is truly an inspiring shul. I will be there Thursday night.

  • D kessler

    Its amazing how the Besht and Sruly clapmen differentiate themselves from among ALL the other Shuls in the neighborhood by having programming for both Men, Women and most importantly a Dedicated children’s program.

  • non-gender

    Big Deal and whoopie!!!!!! It is nice for you people who live in Crown Heights. But for us who do not live in that place, we are left often with a void and often it seems that no one cares about us from Lubavitch. Allow me to illuminate: I arranged recently with a Lubavitch Jewish organization to learn on line and on the phone. It was set up and agree to; but at crunch time, the Rabbi who accepted the responsibility vanished. Whatelse is there to say?????????

    • To non-gender

      Was it JNet?
      Rabbi Yehuda Dukes, (managing director of JNet—the Jewish Learning Network—which opened its virtual doors in 2005 in response to the needs of many Jews who wanted to study Torah, but were unable to attend live classes or get together with others near their homes) has a database and might be able to find a replacement. Have you spoken with him? If you don’t follow up persistently, no results expected.