FDNY Handing Out Free Smoke Detectors in Flatbush

Following the tragic fire that claimed the lives of seven Jewish children Friday night, the FDNY is handing out free smoke detectors and batteries, along with fire safety brochures, in four locations in Flatbush today, Sunday.

The distribution began at 11:00am, and will continue until 3:00pm, at the following four locations:

  • Bedford Avenue and Avenue M
  • Avenue M and East 16th Street
  • Avenue L and East 16th Street
  • Avenue J and East 16th Street


  • Thank You FDNY!

    Smoke detectors are very affordable. If you can afford it, stop by the stores on Kingston and pick them up, together with carbon monoxide detectors (it saved my life several years ago B”H) and fire extinguishers.

    If you can’t afford it, then PLEASE find a way to Flatbush and get smoke detectors free.

  • Ushmartem es nafshoseichem

    if you haven’t already done so, please check all your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, and the dial or pressure valve on your fire extinguishers. Also check expiration dates – they don’t last more than 5 – 10 years depending on the type of appliance.
    Replace or purchase for every level of your home, and every bedroom.
    Yevoreichecho Hashem v’yishmereicha!

  • WOWO

    Example, we all can learn from, to turn tears into action!

    May Hashem wipe, tears from all faces.

  • mendelengel

    In addition to having working smoke detectors I believe it would be helpful for people who live in a higher than one story building to have a rope latter or the likes of that.

  • corrected names for Mother and daughter

    The family’s Rav, Rav Cherba, has directed that for Gayle (THE MOTHER) all names be used that she is known by.
    Rav Cherba’s psak is to use these names:

    and the daughter is TZIPORAH bat GAYLE

    She is named for her grandmother GILSOM (Arabic—a Syrian name) as are many of her cousins. Her husband calls her Gila. Her friends call her Gayle and her mother is Tziporah but everyone calls her by Frances.

    So if you want the most for your Tehillim readings go by Rav Cherba’s psak and use these:

    and the daughter is TZIPORAH bat GAYLE

    They should have a Refuah Shelaima b’zoch kol Cholei Yisroel

  • Even 5 years, replace

    I tested my 6 year old detector (new battery) this morning. Pushing the button sounded it off. However, when I held a havdalah candle right next to it, it took TWO minutes to go off!

    • 2 types

      There are 2 types of detectors: photoelectric and ionization. The smoke may not trigger the alarm in ionization types-one test showed it took 43 minutes more than photoelectric type to sound the alarm. Check your type of make sure you have one of each type.

  • Was the hot plate dropped?

    Many questions were raised how the hot plate, which has a safe reputation, could have caught fire. The answer is, any appliance, if dropped, can result in a defect. So, use the fire/smoke detectors.

  • Resident

    Can the community council arrange to give this out? Even people who can afford it will just procrastinate to go buy it but will pick it up for free.

  • Cholent Mit Kugel

    I think that giving out UL approved crock pots for free would be lovely!