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Need a Shidduch? Devorah Benjamin Has an Idea!

This past Yud daled Kislev an idea was born: for a nominal fee of $100, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK will take your name, the name of your child, friend, or relative, and daven at the Ohel for a shidduch. The money will go straight to KSCVK’s fund for Crown Heights Chassanim and Kallos.

The program began promptly and has already been met with beautiful success. It’s been so popular, that Devorah’s phone rings off the hook with more and more names submitted. In fact, the demand is so strong that hardly a day goes by when she is not asked multiple times about her next planned visit to the Ohel.

Lag Ba’omer is one of those auspicious times when one can ask for anything and “vert gehelfen” (is helped). With her financial obligations of post Shavuous weddings coming up, Devorah decided that on Lag B’omer (Wednesday night) she will be going again to the Ohel to daven for a nominal fee of $100 per name, and the money will go straight to her upcoming weddings.

Not only will she daven for you or your loved ones, you are helping in Hachnosas Kallah, a winning combination for sure.

To take part in this Mitzvah, please send an email to; please include the name of the one seeking the blessing, his/her mother’s name and payment information by Wednesday 7:00 PM.

May we be zocheh to the ultimate marriage of Hashem to us yidden with Moshiach now!


  • 1. mrs. wrote:

    wow! this is so beautiful! may devorah have much success along with everyone looking for a shidduch

  • 3. just wondering wrote:

    Were any shidduchim made since the last time she did this?

  • 4. Single Boucher With No Success wrote:

    has any of the parents who have done this has there children got married

  • 5. Ch wrote:

    This comment in now way undermines the amazing work that Devorah Benjamin does!

    Am I the only one that is horrified – ‘$100 to put your name in to be davened at the Ohel’ – something is very wrong here.
    I am all for finding innovating ways to try and raise money but to make people feel as if they will not be included because they cant afford to donate. Uh uh I dont agree or think this is a menshlich way of raising funds for tzedakah.

    If I were to do this I would ask for a suggested donation of $100 but would write down all names regardless.

  • 6. segula? wrote:

    i love how when someone is doing a good deed and he gets a bracha from it it becomes a segula.

    I was once on the phone when my virus went away, does that mean going on the phone is a segulah to treat your virus?

    it may be a good thing but because it worked once that does not make it a segulah there are lots of good things we can do in order to accept the brachos

  • 7. worked wrote:

    Yes there was a shidduch made after this was done last time,
    and the money is going to a very worthy cause!

  • 8. A.I. wrote:

    its a win-win situation. She gets the zechus to daven for others, we get the zechus to help her, which helps others. All the way around, its ahavas yisroel and more

  • 9. your choice wrote:

    Nobody says you have to do it – go to the Ohel yourself if you want. But in paying Devorah $100 she is acting as your shliach. And who knows, maybe she has greater zchusim than the rest of us! That wouldn’t surprise me.

  • 10. the desk of devorah benjamin wrote:

    I have written everyone that has called me regardless what and how much they paid

  • 11. bad marketing wrote:

    Hachnosas Kalla is an appropriate tzedoko as a segulah to find ones own bashert.

    That said, I don’t like how this is being marketed. The way this is presented it sounds like hocus pocus and that kupat ha’ir mishegas.

  • 12. chaim wrote:

    kifirah! this has nothing to do with yiddishkeit. Donate her money without all these segulous bubbamasses…..Or go yourself to the ohel!!!

  • 13. Seriously... wrote:

    Devorah is an amazing person in what she does… all agree… but is she the next Rebbe here? common, this is such a bad presentation.

  • 14. to all the ppl who are asking how wrote:

    what are u talking about a segula is not one thing or the next thing but it says that when someone give tzedakah g-d will pay them back here we have that the money going is not to someones packet it is going to help someone make a wedding and so to g-d will help have your wedding the prayers are not what you are giving money to it is the mitzva that is helping you

  • 16. Milhouse wrote:

    #8, Who says kupas ho’ir is bobbe maises? I don’t give them anything, because of kovod Lubavitch, but I have no doubt that those who do give are doing a mitzvah, and tzedokoh tatzil mimoves. Give to Kolel Chabad and you’ll get the same brochos.

  • 17. OY CHIAM wrote:


  • 18. FULL OF HOT AIR wrote:


  • 19. #13 be gone with your negativity wrote:

    Wow #13 you need some major help!!! You know the Rebbe is proud of you for sure…look @ all the good you are doing right?!!! At least Devorah is helping people…now look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are doing for others…nothing…


    until you are going to shell out all the money devorah has to please keep your mouths shut people!!!! Can u think of a better idea or do u just want this organization to fall apart? Who are you going to turn to for help then?

  • 21. Scam wrote:

    $100 is not nominal
    Who wrote this article and are they baised
    I’m a fan of Benjamin but she lost me on this one


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