Think Double Parking During Street Cleaning is Legal?

Think again, says one Crown Heights bus driver. Although everyone seems to think you can’t get a ticket for double parking during alternate side parking hours, many discover the truth to their unpleasant surprise: Although they usually choose to ignore the practice, cops issue tickets for it all the time.

We received this e-mail from a concerned Crown Heights bus driver:

I can’t tell you how many telephone calls and E-mails I receive sharing a double parking sob story. It goes something like this… “I’ve been double parking on street cleaning days for years…” Or, “I was sitting in my car, double parked on the opposite side of the street waiting for the rule to change on street cleaning day, and a warrior walked up to me and handed me a parking ticket…How dare she!

How about this one, ”double parking on street cleaning days is permitted in my neighborhood.” My bags are packed!

If you walk past a sleeping crocodile 50 days in a row, is it safe to walk past the sleeping croc on the 51st day? Of course not. It’s safe to walk past the sleeping croc until the croc wakes up hungry and eats you for dinner.

My point is this. You can double park on street cleaning days until a parking ticket warrior decides you can’t, and gives you a parking ticket. It is as simple as that. No warning, no notice, just a $115 wake up call, and reminder double parking is illegal on street cleaning days.

Do you double park on street cleaning days? Do you realize it is illegal, a parking ticket crime punishable by a $115 orange envelope?

Even if double parking on cleaning days would be legal, there’s still the matter of common sense. If you’re neighbor forgot to move his car, don’t double park on the other side, blocking traffic! Leave enough space so a 25 foot truck or school bus can pass easily!

In addition, be kind and leave your phone number by the windshield, in-case your blocking a parked vehicle (from leaving) or blocking the street.


  • Nobody

    The most common reason to get a ticket is if you double park too far away from the adjacent car. They want you moved over tight.

    Anyway, there is no option. There aren’t enough parking spaces to accommodate all the cars in the neighborhood at the time of street cleaning without double parking.

  • Crunch

    Your point is correct. However, people don’t double park because they are too lazy to find a parking spot. They double park because THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO PARK!!

    To use your analogy, we are between TWO crocodiles; street cleaning (certain $45 ticket) and double side parking (possible $115 ticket). Which croc would you prefer to stay closer to?? You will bitten eventually either way… This is the sad city we live in.

    People need to start viewing parking tickets as some sort of unavoidable ‘auto tax’!

  • mamish

    So true double parking on alternate sides is a courtesy. But not when there is a school on the block. Some people park after altermate side is over adjacent to a double parked car zo close. I myself ride a bike and once couldn’t pass a car because there was no room. So i rode on the sidewalk to bypass all those illegals and got a ticket for riding on a sidewalk. Nowwhich car can i sue because of my tkcket. You be the judge.

  • chana

    he is right make sure buses and cars can get through dont block the street ty good shabbos

  • disgusted

    Where do they expect the hundreds of cars to park then during alternate side?

  • Tough s***

    You don’t get it its not even a courtesy it’s just illegal find a spot all you violators life sucks.

  • Chaim H.

    Double parking in Crown Heights on cleaning days is a courtesy and privilege, NOT a right. A courtesy that should not be abused!!!

    Don’t block traffic, make sure other cars, buses and trucks can easily get through

    Be a Mensch and leave your phone number so you can be reached in-case you are blocking traffic.

    We thank NYPD for this courtesy.

  • joe

    Skip cleaning altogether.. they don’t clean anyway.. just blow the garbage sideways!

  • live on a school block

    If its a school block the police have a zero tolerance policy on doubly parking even during the alternate side parking hours

  • It-s a bit crazy...

    I once asked a traffic cop in CH during his rounds about this, I asked if it’s legal to double park during alternate side hours, or is just a given courtesy (especially due to the lack of parking spaces during those hours)…officer replied that it’s not legal, but they put a blind on it – However, one may NEVER double park if it’s on a school block, because then they will ticket.

    But yet, they are still not always courteous, as above mentioned, for example, they do ticket even if you are on standby in your running vehicle.

  • ss

    I also got a ticket by alternate side parking once…because the car I was parking was beeping and couldn’t get out ;(

  • to disgusted

    you think its better in park slope? or red hook? willy? come on – you live in nyc – get used to it.

    if you can’t deal with it just move to west palm beach or cleveland.

  • DeClasse- Intellectual

    You think crown heights is bad–how about boro park on cleaning days when there is even triple parking and then there are the school buses. Oh the joys of lviing in this city.

  • Ben

    They should only clean the streets once a week not twice on every side!

  • Katrina

    Nothing will ever change if all we do is sit, and whine and complain. I work nights and there is no parking when i get home, i have to take what i can get. Now on my block they are hitting every one for double parking. I asked one of these “Warriors” where should i park and she responded “That’s your problem.” I agree with Ben, it should only happen once a week for each side, and if they are going to do it they should do it right. I say we flood this new mayor with complaints and a petition and hopefully something will change.