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New ‘Torah in 10’ Video Series Launched

By Esther Ita Hirschhorn

Kol Menachem is excited and proud to announce the launch of a video series in response to the critical acclaim of Rabbi Chaim Miller’s new Lifestyle Prayers for Friday Night companion. The overwhelming and moving feedback from readers across the globe has inspired this new venture.

The video series will include six sessions which will be featured on Kol Menachem’s online Video Classes channel, “Torah in Ten.” Not only will these ten minute classes elucidate prayers for Shabbos in the context of their deeper meaning, but they will also give viewers a practical approach to Shabbos. That is to say, what Shabbos means to us in our [daily] lives.

The classes will begin next week!

To learn more about the new Friday Night Companion, please visit:

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  • 1. Rabbi Miller, all my respects to you! wrote:

    Rav Miller, you are so instrumental in bringing Moshiach NOW, that it makes my heart warm! I am so happy, and I hope you continue in your Avoidas HaKodesh, as a great Talmid Chochom and wonderful Rabbi!


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