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PSA: New Speeding Camera on Eastern Parkway

A new speeding camera has been installed at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Bedford Ave. The camera joins an existing red light camera at the intersection.

Motorists traveling in excess of about 40 miles per hour will receive a $30 fine in the mail, addressed to the owner of the vehicle.

The new speeding camera comes at the heels of mayor Michael Bloomberg’s promise to install 20 new speeding cameras around the city, after receiving the green light to do so from state legislature in June.


  • 1. New camera at Kingston cor wrote:

    Look up – new camera at south west corner main roadway in front of 788 EP

  • 6. #4 wrote:

    chanbina stopped driving
    mabe his lisence was suspened

    or just dosent need to drive anymore, by the time hes done shachris he goes back to the beigel shop, he has it all in crown heights, even the politisions come to him in ch

    or on kingston ave at eastern pokwy or they come to his house he has no need and right to have a car because he is a true crown heights man that has no business leaving crowna heights

  • 8. Moishe wrote:

    They should add a Jaywalking camera to catch all the fools that cross in the middle of the block

  • 9. Doesn't look real wrote:

    It looks like a fake decoy, like the fake one on Empire and Brooklyn in front of Kleins store.

    Anyone who know what a real one looks like can easily spot the fake.


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