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Another CitiBike rack has joined the growing number in the Crown Heights neighborhood with the newest addition claiming street space on Brooklyn Ave across from the Bais Rivkah building. Is this a good thing or bad thing? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  • Anonymous

    Crown heights info should allow anyone to comment anything without comments needing to be “approved “ there should be no comment moderation. People cannot have real discussions if crown heights info or other Jewish news sights doesn’t allow any comments that they personally disagree with or think is not positive!

  • Sarah

    The bikes are taking away crucial parking spaces in a community where there is already a shortage of parking spaces.

    In addition, it is bringing many from outside our community to come here bringing their negative influence along.

  • Sruly

    The sidewalk is wide enough to install the bike rack on the sidewalk, no reason they had to eliminate parking spaces.

  • AH

    So as if that corner wasn’t already jammed up enough, with buses and cars dropping off and picking up, now this.

    At what point can we admit to ourselves that the government hates its citizenry, plain and simple, and that everything they do is calculated to cause said citizenry more misery?

  • anash

    these racks should go on the sidewalks, just like they do in other countries.

    Our community desperately needs real representation to speak up for our needs.

  • Parent

    This is disgusting ! The side walk is wide enough for pedestrians and a bike rack. Where is the council or ANY ONE ! I called 311 and filed a complaint.This is making it more difficult for parents to pick up their kids and next thing we know god forbid some one can get sued for hitting a biker when picking up their child. Enough is enough.

  • The city bike should go on sidewalks

    Just like they already have by Lefferts Park.

    But we can’t complain if we let the Mitzva tank and other vehicles park from Ep to President st and sometimes throughout Kingston Ave.
    Taking public spaces
    We should have a new policy “if you donate a Mitzva Tank then you also donate (sponsor )the parking for it”

    Until then I’d rather the bicycles so at least those vehicles don’t park there

  • Jonah

    Streets are getting safer as more people are biking! Over the last five years the New York City Department of Transportation has implemented some of the most innovative public space enhances that the city has seen and I encourage our local civic leaders to add more in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Glad to see the news of the new bike rack.

  • A chosid

    without elections for Vaad Hakkol/CHJCC it will continue to get much worse.. The current (?!?!) Vaad must resign as the term was up many years ago and new elections held…

    • Anonymous

      The “Washing Machine” does not just occur during dancing at 770, it also occurs on Kingston Ave during times of increased Weatherization.

  • mebachem. m nemes

    It’s totally unfair to bring more of it to ch parking is so hard and near a school we must stop it gmar chasima tova

  • Parent, grandparent, teacher

    Terrible and dangerous plan. So unsafe and inconsiderate, especially to older adults! It would be unsafe for me to ride a bike and it is unsafe for all pedestrians whether child, adult, senior citizen, or baby in a stroller. And drivers are now subject to uncontrolled, unrestricted bike, scooter and motorized bike riders who weave in and out, ride against traffic and ignore red lights and safety

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely insane!!! Where are emergency vehicles going to park when they’re on call?! And drivers will start needing to park who-knows how many blocks away. People will be getting more tickets because they’ll need to double park and the city will make us go for broke

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