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It has become an annual tradition of artist Yitzchak Moully to create a new Shofar painting Erev Rosh Hashanah after mid day. This year, while mentally prepared to paint this important piece, he wasn’t able to get to it before Rosh Hashanah due to other obligations. So yesterday, he completed “Shofar 5781,” a 4ft x 6ft acrylic painting on canvas.

“When we blow shofar on Rosh Hashanah we bring in a new -higher- light of of G-D that has never previously been in this world. This year I had the opportunity to blow the shofar in shul and i subsequently attempted to convey this light in the painting. Torah tells us “Greater is the light that comes after the darkness”. As we enter this new year we should transform darkness to light. We should take all the negative darkness of CORONA and transform it into beautiful light!” -Yitzchak Moully

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