Trump Declares “Education and Sharing Day” with Shluchim on Hand

A delegation of ten Chabad Shluchim were on hand at the White House when President Donald Trump signed a proclamation declaring Yud Alef Nissan, the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A. 2018.”


  • 1. Yasef Minkowitz (toronto) wrote:

    40 years ago today, Yud Alef nissan 5738, 1978, was the first time that Education Day was proclaimed in the United States by a joint Congressional resolution. (In 1975 the first resolution was passed but in 1978 it a joint session congress.) Since then it has been a recurring event.

    I, together with Sam Galowinsky under the Guidance of Reb Avremel ShemTov (Philadelphia) spent 3 weeks before Yud Alef Nissan, lobbying congressman. We generally met with good humour and agreeable countenance. (Many told us that it would be unlikely for a bill to pass so close to the day itself.)

    On the day of the vote, a congressman, (whom I forget) brought the Bill to the joint session proclaiming Education day in honour of the Rebbe to the floor for a vote. Initially there was a lukewarm response. Many were critical how a bill could come from nowhere in matter of 3 weeks bypassing all committees and subcommittees that were specifically charged with keeping frivolous bills out of Congress. One critical congressman was quite vocal wondering who was this Rebbe Shchneerson, and why was the day set in the Jewish calendar etc. (needless to say that Congressman met a bitter end several months later).
    After while however, the tide turned and most congressman felt that it was such a good Idea to have a day set aside as “education Day” that the bill quickly passed through congress. It was signed into the calendar by Speaker Tip O’Neill and VP Walter Mondale. Jimmy Carter was then president.

    It was an incredible honour for the two of us young guys running around congress with incredible clearance for 3 weeks. (This was before 9-11; I doubt that as a Canadian I would be able to pull this off now.)

    Finally when the vote was counted it had a 2/3 majority. An amazing reception followed that night with great Kiddush Hashem.

    I have not shared this tale before but it has been forty years.

    And now B”H Lubavitch and Chabad are words synonymous with outreach and education.
    Gut yom tov

  • 2. menachem wrote:

    So happy and joyous that the Rebbe is honored in this fashion by this honorable president.

    • 3. Amused Observer wrote:

      Yes, Trump is the very definition of an honorable man. /sarcasm

      Have you actually heard anything Trump has said, read his tweets, or seen his actions? Does he demonstrate *any* personal characteristics that you would want your children to emulate? ANY?


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