Picture of the Day: Kinus Hashluchos Group Photo

Some 1,200 Shluchos posed for their annual group photo, which was taken on Friday in Oholei Torah, and superimposed over a photo of 770.

The photo was taken by photographer Chaim Perl.

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One Comment

  • Different from the men

    Why aren’t the ladies treated the same way as the men ? Just like the men take the pic in front of 770 so should the ladies why are they different why do they have to take it inside OT & Photoshop it to look like it’s in front of 770, also why is it that not even 1/2 of all the Shluchos in the world come acc to what we know there are 4,500 Shluchim, if that’s the case there are the same amount of Shluchos bec all the men have wives, only 1,200 Shluchos showed up this year & in general most of the years there isn’t even 2,500 why is that, why shouldn’t they all come or at least 90% of them just like the men