Picture of the Day: Satmar and Chabad

The Satmar Rebbe greets Chabad philanthropist Reb Shlomo Drimmer with a smile at a fundraiser for Hatzalah, hosted in the home of Reb Avrohom Braun.


  • 1. just wondering if its the same sat mar rebbe wrote:

    that they made fun of our rebbe by a purim sudah of his

  • 6. Father of former sayeret golani soldier wrote:

    Drimmer should tell him, that the next time he goes to Israel, he needs to thank the Chabad soldiers in the IDF, who protect and secure Eretz Yisroel, including him and all his followers who hate the soldiers and the state.

    • 7. Anonymous wrote:

      How can one, extend greetings to
      anyone, who can call the holy IDF, which includes many holy Chabad soldiers; wicked, as well as the country they are protecting?

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    Reb Shlomy Drimmer is איש חסד באמת לב טוב ומוקיר רבנן ותורה עד מאוד

    הצנע לכת ואיש אשכולות

    יאריך ימים עד ביאת גואל


  • 10. Achdus wrote:

    We can’t just take from satmer when we need kosher food in new york hospitals.
    Or when nebach one of us needs a kidney organization.
    Both c.h and williamsburg hatzolah’s don’t check who’s calling before responding at 3am!
    We have enough enemy’s that hate us all equally!
    Shivim ponim l’torah; we don’t have to agree with them, that doesn’t mean our generation has to hate them because of past generation’s mistakes.
    It is beautiful to see a photograph like that!

  • 13. Let us get ready for 19 Kislev wrote:

    Dear Friends

    The Alter Rebbe told us in no uncertain terms of how to see and treat other YIden even those (and sometimes particularly those) who have not treated us well.

    as a Hachana for 19 Kislev Rosh Hashana for Chasidus we can all do a bit more to make the Alter Rebbe proud

  • 14. Said by well-known Satmar wrote:

    I have a relative who is Satmar, who I visit at times. On a recent visit, his wife asked about the Rebbe being alive. I ended off something like this: “let’s say for argument sake, that the Rebbe did not have the extraordinary qualities which are ascribed to him. But, to inspire thousands of people to sacrifice the comforts of life…” – my cousin interjected, “THAT’S UNDENIABLE. THAT’S UNDENIABLE.”


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