Picture of the Day: Fallsburg, NY

“NYC HASIDIC DRIVERS IN MINIVANS ARE DEADLY!! LOCALS BE CAREFUL!” is the anti-Semitic message scrawled on a garbage bin outside the popular Stewart’s gas station in Fallsburg, NY, a popular summer destination for Chasidic families from New York City.


  • 1. Driver wrote:

    To be honest this is true. I can’t count the number of frum drivers who passed me on the 52 rushing to the woodburne minyan. And I am not a slow driver.

  • 2. Out of Hand wrote:

    Why is it newsworthy every time some loser writes this type of nonsense?

  • 3. Angry wrote:

    I’m not sure it’s anti semitic. Look how many accidents there’s been this summer.

  • 5. Not so off wrote:

    Whether that’s written because of anti-Semitism or not is questionable. But that there are many crazy chassidishe drivers is for certain. Many, though mostly not from CH, are not very nice drivers, to say the least.

  • 7. anti-Semitic or true? wrote:

    There may be exceptions, but on the whole, yes, it’s true.

  • 8. Careful Driver wrote:

    How is this anti-Semitic? They are horrible and dangerous drivers and I for one am extra vigilant around them. They have no regard for the rule of law as it pertains to traffic laws and general safety. This is a smart and practical message.

  • 11. why is this anti semitic wrote:

    there are many times this is likely true

    if it’s true then it’s time people shape up!

    every time a bachur gets caught speeding he calls it anti semitic… It’s almost comical.

  • 12. gghost60 wrote:

    that comment was not an anti-semantic comment. thaey are not the safest drivers. some of these do not belong on the road.

  • 14. Why do people run upstate?!?!?! wrote:

    Sad but true they are the craziest and most unsafe Driver and I am Lubavitch

  • 15. bad experience wrote:

    maybe they had a few bad experience with hassidic drivers. I don’t particularly see that as anti Semitic, it could be but it just may have been his personal experience.

  • 16. bad experience wrote:

    wait i didn’t read where it took place. it IS most likely anti Semitic. they are notorious up there

  • 18. Lubavitcher from ch in monticello wrote:

    I don’t agree with graffiti on Garbage cans but it’s a very valid point. It’s a chilul Hashemi how many drive and behave Upstate. I know there is plenty of anti semitism Upstate but we have to start acting like mentchen and stop feeding it and then taking something like this and screaming anti semitism.

  • 20. Deadly - probably not.... wrote:

    Impolite and Aggressive – definitely yes unfortunately.

  • 24. Fools wrote:

    If the message has simply stated “NYC Drivers are deadly….” then it would be true.

    The stigma of “Jews in Minivans” is exactly the same as “Hook nosed Jews” and “Money Grubbing Jews” and that is absolutely stereotypical anti-Semitisim.

    What? An entire ethnic group are bad drivers? Are all Minivan in the universe bad drivers?

    Cut it out! Call a spade a spade, and the upstate hick that wrote that hate drivel is an anti-Semite.

    • 25. Yes wrote:

      The upstate hick may well be an anti-Semite but you are the fool if you don’t recognize the fact the chassidic jews in minivans drive like wild animals on those upstate roads.

    • 26. you're half correct wrote:

      had the graffiti only said hasidic drivers a crazy, that would have been true. but the addition “in minivans” reveals that the artists intent was hateful.

  • 27. gghost60 wrote:

    they drive like kamakaze pilots. they don’t know what turn signals are for.

  • 28. Nauseating wrote:

    OH because the rednecks who live up there year round are sooo safe,, right?? It is a sad day for Jews the world over, when we have so much self hatred..


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