Picture of the Day: Before and After

Workers trimmed and pruned the now-iconic tree in the front yard of 770 to ensure its long-term health.


  • 1. Dr Tree wrote:

    What kind of nonsense is this?
    MN sent out a message 2 days before that he felt that the trees were blocking the view of the building.
    Then he got a company to unblock the view. Simple as that.

  • 2. Yitzchak Shimon wrote:

    The tree in it’s fullest is what makes 770, 770, bec by the Rebbe the tree was full, now that it’s trimmed it’s not the same 770 without it. Oh well, we’ll have to wait for it to grow back

  • 4. Tree maven wrote:

    “to ensure its long-term health”

    Doesn’t look that way to me from the photos.

    From what I see in them, it seems like commenter #1 is correct.

    Tree pruning is a science. Not everyone who cuts trees is an expert arborist.

    P.S. Two trees were involved/trimmed. Different types of trees, with different leaves, etc.

  • 6. Ksil wrote:

    כי האדם עץ השדה
    We must all grow but when we become noticed and spread forth, we get cut down to size. But even when our branches are painfully snipped off with children are off the derech, our nourishment sustains us from roots firmly implanted in 770.

  • 7. Ksil wrote:

    Trying to follow the articles:
    Fans cannot be removed from 770 – makes sense, but beautiful branches that give shade and glory may be chain sawed and discarded – huh?

  • 8. Jack wrote:

    The Rebbe was very against cutting trees which is a living thing for no reason very sad

  • 9. wrote:

    They trimmed 3 trees and removed one bush.
    Which one is iconic?

  • 10. Concerned citizen wrote:

    This looks like a hasty decision that was made without the Binah of a woman. The trees looked MUCH healthier in the picture taken before the trimming and I have a Bachelor’s in Biology and worked for a Crop Improvement company upon graduation. New Yorkers seem to have declared war on nature. I’m surprised Central and Prospect park have survived this long.

  • 11. the tree looks good wrote:

    Not sure what “Dr Tree” is talking about that some MN
    whomever he is making decisions – but fact is all of it was done under the full- time direction & supervision of CB Halberstam of “Bedek Habayis”….and he can be seen on other websites standing there supervising but either way: trees need trimming periodically or they grow out of control – and this is precisely what happened here… bigger trees bigger roots that will eventually creep into the plumbing and push the yard walls etc. and in this case pushing into the windows.

    and BTW: this tree was never planted – hence never meant to be there…- it came up from a wild seed on it’s own and that’s why it’s not even centered in the yard (as u can see in old pics of 770 here in link – there was another tree there very centered. and that one is no longer there at all for some reason…



    • 12. Tree Was Planted wrote:

      What you are saying is that HaShem planted the tree.


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