Picture of the Day: Melbourne, Australia

In light of the terror attack in the Brighton neighborhood of Melbourne last night, Rabbi Pinny Super, director of Chabad Young Professionals-Melbourne, in coordination with the local chief of police, visited the site of the attack this morning to offer moral support and give thanks on behalf of the Jewish community to the brave police force and investigators who risk their lives for the communities safety. He brought along warm danishes and goodies for the police to enjoy throughout the day.

Rabbi Super said “It was an honor to bring some morning danishes and goodies to the brave Victorian police this morning at the terrible scene in Brighton on behalf of CYP – Chabad Young Professionals – its members and supporters. Spread some love and light today as the Rebbe taught us “A little light dispells much darkness”

Chabad Young Professionals Melbourne has been running social, religious and Business events for singles and young couples in their 20′ & 30’s since January 2016 and has had thousands of young adults attend their events.


  • 1. x33 wrote:

    not everyone has read what happened in Melbourne, the writer of the article should have put in some specifics about yesterday’s incident. ty

    • 4. Sad face wrote:

      I wouldn’t be so fast to judge, do you know that there are diseases and skin problems that people get heterim to shave their beard??
      Don’t ever judge someone, especially if they are a Shliach doing the rebbes shlichus in a far off country (especially Australia) that may have a rare disorder that cause one not to be able to keep a beard. Word.

    • 5. x33 wrote:

      isnt that a short beard? doesnt look clean shaven to me. thats a harsh judgement

  • 6. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    Yes, I agree with #1 please write what happened in Melbourne 1st, then mention what the shliach did, I went on a Melbourne news site to see what happened yesterday, it would make sense for this site to mention that there was a Terrorist Attack & what exactly happened etc, thank u

  • 7. Shande wrote:

    Shluchim should get back to work and stop posing for useless photo ops. And grow a beard.

  • 8. who even knew wrote:

    Who even knew there was a terrorist attack in melbourne?

  • 9. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    About the beard, I don’t think that he shaves, he probably picks it, that’s why it looks the way it does, it has to do with nervousness, or could be OCD, was the Melbourne attack mentioned on any world news or even the local NY news, they do mention things like this ? But I agree with #1 & 6 that 1st u should 1st post that there was a terrorist attack & the details, then what the shluchim did.

  • 10. Horrified wrote:

    Why are our shluchim touching their beards?? Aren’t they still supposed to be role models for what the rebbe stressed so many time. And I have never ever heard of a heater for shaving

  • 11. PinnyL wrote:

    Great Shot!
    ok, where to start…
    Is it news that a shliach gave a danish to a policeman??
    why promote the shliach that does not LOOK like one…
    Rebbe was very serious about the BEARD

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    Unlike the shliach in Manchester which was photographed by the press, this guy takes a selfie. This is pure self promotion

  • 13. DrumIntellect wrote:

    The story, whether true or not:
    A guy came to the Satmar Rov and complained that Mike Tress didn’t have a beard.
    The Rov said, true, when Mike ascends to heaven, they’ll say to him, “yid, yid, where’s the beard?”, but when you ascend, they’ll ask, “beard, beard, where’s the yid?”


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