Picture of the Day: Zuckerberg Returns to Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s sixth wealthiest person, returned to Harvard Law School to obtain his degree after having dropped out to found Facebook. Seen here wishing him well is his former Campus Rabbi, director of Harvard Chabad Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Zarchi.


    • 2. cholentmitkugel wrote:

      So don’t use any Facebook related media. Happy now?

    • 3. ahavas yisroel wrote:

      because we were not there for him when he needed it!

  • 5. Zalmen wrote:

    Stop hating on him for his decision, there’s plenty other people that married shikse’s but you only hate on him become he’s a celebrated person. Take care of the issues within your own life before you worry about others.

  • 6. woow! wrote:

    its not that he married a non Jew. he is pro Palestinian and allows all negative ,evil stuff about Israel on Facebook but deletes the stuff against the Muslims. He is a Leftie!! and doesn’t believe in G-d!


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