Picture of the Day: Melbourne, Australia

Students of the Yeshiva Gedolah of Melbourne (YG) put on Tefilin with a fellow Jew amidst an anti-Israel protest in the city center.



  • 1. asher goldstein wrote:

    Are these bochrim out of their minds. While I wholeheartedly agree that we should put Tefillin on with any Jew and anywhere, the picture picture of doing a mitzva should not have had a hate sign in it. They are inadvertently associating Chabad/Lubavitch with an Anti-Semitic organization/group.

    You should perhaps consider not making this the picture of the day

  • 3. zsw wrote:

    First of all what’s wrong with being out of our minds mr Asher Goldstein? Secondly did you not get the point of this picture at all? If you didn’t then I got a good psychiatrist for ya, the point of this picture is to show the world that we don’t care as to what some Palestinian freedom dudes do or protest against! Anybody who sees this as buchurim associating chabad with antisemitic groups should probably join you at your psychologist appointment! The hate sign behind shows that yes we are oppressed and yes people hate us but that doesn’t stop us from keeping and spreading yidishkeit! That’s why it was chosen as picture of the day! Please , if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it

  • 6. Davka farkert wrote:

    This photo shows that mivtza Tefillin focuses on every Yid, no matter what his political affiliation is. Moshiach NOW

  • 7. Zachary Frisch wrote:

    This makes no sense…
    Chabad as an organization needs to make a clear position on this. We need to fight against these types of protests, not make “picture’s of the day”.

    • 8. Bochur at YG wrote:

      Sir, Chabad as an organization is making a very clear position on this (if you couldn’t tell from the picture). By putting teffilin on a jew in front of a protest, we fight against the protest by showing the people that we don’t care that they hate us. We are a people on a mission and we are going to complete this mission no matter what the circumstances. Furthermore, the Rebbe told us to do this and he is backing up our every move. I’m deeply sorry that you don’t realise this. לחיים ולברכה.

  • 9. yg guys who put tefillen on the guy wrote:

    Uh… Mr Zachary frisch, do you not realise that through putting teffilen on that guy WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST THESE TYPES OF PROTESTS!?!? If you don’t get that then I don’t know what to tell ya…..
    Btw thanks OC for the positive comment!! Love you all!!

  • 10. head and arm wrote:

    how about considering that by putting on teffillin the fellow will awaken and start THINKING (head) straight and DO (hand) the right thing isn’t this what teffillin is all about!

  • 13. Hebrew Hammer wrote:

    While the intentions of those in the photo were noble and brave, I am concerned about FAKE NEWS using the above photo for propaganda purposes against Israel. ^5 (High five) @ #1 & #6.

    After googling the words ” Neturei Karta & Iran” in a google search I found Al-Jazeera articles showing photos of Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis hugging the Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The Israeli flag was also burned by Neturei Karta.

    The anti-Israel lobby’s argument to the non-Jewish world is strengthened by the visual which says, even religious Jews are fed up with Israel.

    The propaganda war by the Palestinians (using their own people as human shields to create maximum casualties) is something those who have Israel in their hearts must understand.

    Its time the majority of ultra-orthodox started “Sharing the Burden” by stopping resisting the draft in Israel, getting off welfare, stopping pontificating and starting to vote in the democratic primary so your US Senator Yvette Clarke doesn’t vote against Israel for a second time.

    • 14. @hebrew hammer wrote:

      I’m as confused as a fish out of water right now.. This is a picture of two outstanding orthodox jews putting teffilin on a fellow jew. How in G-ds name are you tying them to ultra religious jews in ISRAEL!?!?! They are currently in school in Melbourne, why are you comparing them to ultra religious jews ditching the army and living off welfare? It’s mind boggling..

  • 16. Manny wrote:

    There is no basis for ‘mivtzah teffilin no matter what’.
    There were places (eg the olympics) that the rebbe was against mivtzoim.

    Meshuga meshuga ober seichel darf men hobben!

  • 17. OC GOES FOR YG!!! wrote:

    Yg buchurim! Don’t get upset or discouraged by the comments that are nasty, we know what’s right so keep on doing it!! Moshiach now!!!!!

  • 18. Crazy! wrote:

    Lets spread a picture with an anti Israel sign and it give it legitimacy! Said no one with a clear mind.

  • 19. OC GOES FOR YG!!! wrote:

    What’s wrong with all of you!? Do you not see what the picture is telling the world? this should be the caption of the picture!

  • 20. #hashtagstuff wrote:

    ???? I am very confused. What are you guys fighting? This is the worst thing that you can do!! This will separate Jews and cause more pain and suffering!!!!

  • 21. reply to #hashtagstuff wrote:

    Dude, this is mot a fight. We are discussing whether that picture should be the picture of the day or not! In my humble opinion it should DEFINITELY BE!!! its showing the bad guys that we know what’s up. Uh hu!! Aha!! Yeeeeaaaaaa! Yg! Good work!!

  • 22. asher goldstein wrote:

    I have no Issue with Bochurim putting tefillin on other Jews, who so appear to desperately need a better connection to HKBH, but I am amazed at the posting of a photo which can be construed in a very negative way. If they were to put tefillin on a Jewish neo-nazi, would they take a picture with a background poster of a swastika with the words ‘Heil H’ in the background and post it?

  • 23. reply to asher goldstein wrote:

    Um….. YES THEY WOULD!!!! why though? It’s a picture of hate! So why why why?!!!
    I’ll tell you why, because the point of the picture of the day is to show us stuff that we would never believe would happen and to give us inspiration to move on! When we see a hate sign and right in front of it people doing mitzvos that gives us a push to do more and more and more!!! It’s people like you who destroy the positive attitude and atmosphere! While most people look at the picture and go wow! I cant believe it!! Maybe I should be putting teffillen on everyday! You come along and say “why are you publicizing hate photos!?!?” MR ASHER GOLDSTEIN YOU MISSED THE POINT!!!!!!!


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