From Days Gone By: Golan Heights, 1975

Reb Mendel Itkin, OBM, whose Shloshim is being marked tonight, cheers up Israeli soldiers defending the Golan Heights on Purim, 1975, a little over a year after it was heroically recaptured from Syrian forces during the Yom Kippur War.


  • 1. Kol hakovod wrote:

    Reb Mendel Itkin was always at the forefront
    Bringing the light of Yiddishkeit to His fellow Jews
    Whether in Los Angeles or New York Sydney or Isreal, he was loved for his warmth and concern
    For each individual
    At his Shloshim in five different cities one recurring theme was echoed by the many speakers.
    Mendels authentic Chassidishkeit and his open-hearted acceptance of his fellow Jew.

  • 2. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    i remember from those days ..
    he was always a cheverman
    may he be ah guta beater for all of us who are left in this golus


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