Photo: Avrumi Freeman

Picture of the Day: Ess N’ Bench Returns

Once a prominent staple of Crown Heights takeout, Ess N’ Bench has returned to Kingston Avenue after a 25 year hiatus – at the other end of the block from the storefront it once occupied, which was torn down for the building of the Jewish Children’s Museum. Workers were spotted today putting up the legendary eatery’s retro sign above its new home.


  • Mezonos Bread

    My first experience with mezonos bread was when I came into Crown Heights with a shliach and had a hamburger at the original Ess & Bentch. The shliach explained that the hamburger roll was mezonos becasue it was made with juice. I had never heard of such a thing as mezonos bread before. I don’t remember the hamburger being as memorable as the mezonos bread.

  • disappointed

    The name may be Ess’n Bentch but not the Heimishe place we knew Also the selection is not very much & the pricing is the fancy pricing much of the neighborhood upscale. $14.+ for a Salami sandwich on a baguette with a drink is excessive offering different types of dressing means nothing bring back the real one the original one

  • Daniel

    My opinion is that Mermelsteins is the only truly heimish place to eat in CH. Great service and attitude….fair prices…and home made style food. (No weird ingredients.)
    I literally can’t eat anywhere else when I visit. Anybody else feel the same way?