Picture of the Day: Sailor’s Bar Mitzvah in Times Square

From Lubavitch.com

A group of students from Texas A&M, State University and Rice University are in New York City to participate in the Jewfest Shabbaton, Chabad on Campus’ annual convention. As they toured Manhattan on Friday, they bumped into four sailors who were giving out floral bouquets in honor of Veteran’s day. The group thanked the sailors for their service, and discovered that one of the sailors had a Jewish maternal grandmother. They proceeded to help him put on Tefillin for the first time in his life, and danced together to celebrate.

Rabbi Yossi Lazaroff, Rabbi at Chabad at Texas A&M University, posted the following on instagram:

As #JewishAggies from Texas A&M University walked Manhattan with students from Texas State and Rice University, we saw these 4 sailors across the street each holding a bouquet of flowers to distribute to random people today. #AggieRabbi exclaimed let’s take a selfie with them and thank them for their service. #RiceRabbi asked if any of them were Jewish. One of them responded that his grandmother was Jewish from Cuba. We told him he is as Jewish as Moses. We made him a #DriveThruBarMitzvah, he put on #Tefillin for the first time and together with his friends we danced he Hora. #Jewfest

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