Picture of the Day: Sinai Scholars

Rabbi Yudi Steiner, director of Chabad on Campus at George Washington University, delivers a lesson to dozens of students titled “Love Matters” as part of the Sinai Scholars project. Rabbi Steiner and many of these students, along with hundreds of others from all over the country, will be arriving in Crown Heights tonight and tomorrow for the annual ‘JewFest’ Chabad on Campus Shabbaton.


  • 1. yudi wrote:

    Yudi is a quintessential Shliach!

    He is a Mentch, he loves his job, hes humble…and above all he is loved by all who come in contact with him.

    Thank you for posting this pic!

  • 2. chaim wrote:

    Very happy to see this posted here. Yudi and Rivky are amazing Shluchim. Truly loved b their students and alumni.


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