From Days Gone By: Temimim at a Wedding

A group of students of central Lubavitcher Yeshiva pose for a group portrait at the wedding of one of their colleagues. Can you identify anyone in the photo, or where or when it was taken?

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  • old timer

    standing from right to left
    Zelig Scharfstein
    Moishe Levertov
    Yossel Blizinski
    Yossel Reices
    Douber Baumgarten (Berel)
    Sitting from right to left
    Rabbi Kazarnofsky
    Tzvi Abba Lerman
    Mendel Zuber
    Gedalia Korf

    Don’t know when it was taken

  • mario mendoza

    berel baumgaten obm
    yosel ritzes
    moshea telshevtzki obm
    moshea levertov obm
    reb fuchs obm
    gedalia korf
    mendel zuber obm
    abba lerman
    harv karznovski obm

  • mario mendoza

    yr right old timer
    i made two mistakes
    and blizenski may he live a long life