Picture of the Day: Off to Ukraine

A group of 32 talmidim of the Oholei Torah Mesivta pose for a group photo as they embark on a 7 day trip to the Ukraine. They will be visiting the oholim of the Rebbeim, and areas which were fundamental and historical in our rich Chabad history. Accompanying them are members of the hanhola and shluchim to the Mesivta.

This trip is a culmination of many projects instituted in the mesivta to bring a chayos in learning, chassidishkeit, helping to get the talmidim involved and excited about who they are, the uniqueness of being a tomim, and a in particular a talmid  of Oholei Torah.

The talmidim who are going on this trip spent the past 6 months as a hachona, each working with a designated mashpia in aspects of learning, chassideshe conduct, avodas hat’filla and ahavas Yisroel.  This built a special pride as the talmidim were able to take on additional hachlotos tovos, and see how they grew during the school year.

The Mesivta Project, was spearheaded by Esty Kugel with the help of a group of concerned parents and implemented with the cooperation and assistance of the mesivta hanhola. Over the past year, many mesivta programs have been sponsored by parents, members of anash and the PTA.


  • 1. Chaim Hershkop wrote:

    This is great and wonderful, I wish we would have done this when I was in Yeshiva.

    That said….
    This should be considered summer “vacation”. Yeshivas (all grades) should not be closing it’s doors in three weeks for three months.

    Yeshivas should (and must) stay open 12 months a year. Camp activities (trips, sports, swimming etc…etc…) can be done in the Yeshiva environment. No excuse to close down a Yeshiva for three months.

    The Rebbe on Summer Vacation

  • 2. Zalman Shimon wrote:

    Does every bachur have 2 pay, or is this being sponsored ? As well is it a requirement 2 go ? This is the 1st in history, never done b4, what about the Mashpeim & magidei shuir, who is paying 4 all of them ? Will they spend shabbos in Haditch ? Wow, it would be even better if they got 2 stay 4 2 weeks, this way they could go 2 all the kvarim & spend @ least 2 shabbosim there. Plz after the trip share with CH info readers on everywhere they went & all the details. Thank u CH info 4 sharing this amazing news with us


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