Picture of the Day: Contest Winners Rewarded

Right at the beginning of the school year, the 8th Grade of Oholei Torah began a special contest connected with missions of the various mitzvahs and chassidishe conduct of the month of Tishrei. These included Mivtza Shofar,  Mivtza Lulav,  learning on your own time, davening Chol Hamoed with the Minyan, going on Tahalucha, Hakhel gatherings etc.

The vast majority talmidim participated, and as a reward they earned themselves a day trip to Prospect Park, where they enjoyed all types of activities, including: biking, paddle boating and canoeing.

A Special thank you to Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Menahel of the Mechina Division, and Rabbi Yossi Bryski, Coordinator of OTEG.

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