Picture of the Day: The Making of Mitzvah Boulevard

Children’s entertainer Chaim Fogelman and musician Fitche Benshimon put the finishing touches to ‘Mitzvah Boulevard – Songs,’ which will be released this week, G-d willing.

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  • 1. BOTH are musicians wrote:

    Both Rabbi Fogelman and Rabbi Benshimon are “musicians”! It’s not as if Rabbi Fogelman doesn’t make music (i.e., that instead he dances, does acrobatics, does standup comedy, etc., constituting some other form of “entertainment”)!

    Being a singer IS a form of making music, and anyway Rabbi Fogelman plays the guitar, which doubly makes him a “musician”!

    “Musicians” are not only those who play instruments. Opera singers spend years of their lives at conservatories of MUSIC to learn and perfect their voices — they are not just “singers” or “entertainers,” but are truly “musicians,” every bit as much as a fine violinist or pianist is. The same is true, in a different way, for gifted singers in any genre of music.

    Singers are musicians too!


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