Weekly Unique Photo of the Rebbe

CrownHeights.info and Lubavitch Archives present a unique photo of The Rebbe encouraging the singing of the kids after davening Mincha during Chanukah, 1987.


  • 1. Resident wrote:

    From right to left: Mordechai schapiro a”h, tibodei lechaim, shmayei Krinsky, kreimer, Dovid Goldberg, in front left Chianina sperlin

  • 3. Cousins wrote:

    Beautiful picture!
    Btw, mordechai schapiro, dovid Goldberg and krinsky, are all cousins.

    We all miss mochai tremendously! What a special person he was. He is still with us, and giving us all strength and Chayos to continue on.

    Your dear cousins from crown heights


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