From Days Gone By: Bedford and Dean, 1966

This vintage photograph, taken in the summer of 1966, depicts a class posing for a group portrait outside the building of Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Brooklyn, which was then located on the corner of Bedford Ave. and Dean St., before it moved to Ocean Parkway. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • Poshut

    They ALL are wearing ties!

    When exactly did they stop wearing ties – not even on Shabbos?!

  • Anonymous

    top left
    Reb A Zaklikofsky, R’ Tzvi perlman, Moshe Zeidman

    2nd row left
    R’: Eli Blachman (CH), Shimon Kolodny OBM;

    3rd row: I
    Rabbis: Yudi Popack (Israel), Itche Piekarksy (Tel Aviv),

  • first bench

    on the bottom right (from left to right)
    Rabbis: Levi Wineberg (SA) moshe sheinfeld and (Chaim) Bryski ,

  • Hmmm

    Front row left person looks like a Popack. Next to him looks like a Piekarski. In the middle is Rabbi Fogelman.

  • not possible

    If we’re thinking of the same Moishe scheinfeld, he would have been in a baby carriage….only ,7 or 8 months old in spring 1966

  • To #2

    Times have changed. As a group, we are now much frummer and chassidishe then then.

    Yes there are exceptions, but in those days we all ate foods that we would never eat now (bishul akum chips, candies without hashgocha etc), and wore clothes that we wouldn’t be caught dead in.

    • You ate WHAT???

      You ate “bishul akum chips, candies without hashgocha”????

      Candies need hashgocha!

      That is not acceptable by ANY frum standard!

    • Good Ol' Days

      Yes, there was life before Pashkez. We ate Wise potato chips with “just” an OU hechsher! It was kosher “enough” for all of us. There was no Pashkez or Blooms or any other Kosher candy company with triple hechsherim. Many also ate all kinds of candy, lollipops and flavored sugar in pixie sticks – without a hechsher!

  • Moishe L. Chanowitz

    This is my class.
    I think that we only wore ties for picture day

    I see Shmuel Bukiet, Levi Weinberg, Shmuel Dovid Hardt, Moishy Schoenfeld, Shmuel Stein, Benny Shpilzinger, I think Hershl Weisberg is there.
    Kenneth Schor, Mendel Schechter, Yehuda Goller, Zusha Winner.
    Ari Chitrick was in this class.
    This is taken in front of the yeshiva, in front of the steps

    • What changed?

      Why in THOSE DAYS would they wear ties (at least for picture day), but today it is frowned on for adolescent boys to look mentchlich with a tie?

  • Good ole' Mr. Landberg!

    Mr landberg taught in ULY for over 50 years=a yovel before retiring just a couple years ago

  • Yaakov

    Yiddishkeit is measured by other things more significant then “bishul akum chips and candies without hashgocha”…

    • Measuring Yiddishkeit

      Yiddishkeit is measured by other things more significant…like what? The brim of the hat, color of yarmulka and length of beard? Is THAT what defines a frum person and measures his yiddishkeit?!

  • modern

    some of the students in TTL were from Flatbush or other and not from Lubavitch families

    that’s reflected in the dress style.

    will never forget those years 1964-1969 in Bedford and Dean

  • classmatr

    bottom row left to right yudi popack itche pikarski avrom nussbaum teacher mr. greenberg principal shmuel fogelman teacher mr, landberglevi wineberg moshe schonfeld yankel bryski. middle row left to right eli blachman shimmykolodny obm hershel lebowitz forgot , forgot, itchik rivkin berel gurwitz zushe winner mottel laufer yosie hecht br jj, lloyd schwartz. top row left to right avrom zaklikovski tzvi perelman moshe seidman kalman schorr zalman levertov israel najer lenny melamedas jack kotlarsky efraim nacmani howard weisermoshe goldshmid irving goller