Picture of the Day: World’s Largest Mezuzah?


MK Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, and Prof. Yaakov Yahav stand in front of the world’s largest mezuzah. Inset: Rabbi Zalman Michaelshvilli and Rabbi Boaz Yurkowitz.

What’s 59 inches tall, weighs 88.185 pounds, is 9.2 inches wide and took a month and a half to write? Yes it’s a mezuzah, probably the largest mezuzah in the world. It was written by Sofer Rabbi Zalman Michaelshvilli under the supervision of Rabbi Boaz Yurkowitz, Rov of Shikkun Chabad, Lod. The parchment is 23 inches long.

The mezuzah was affixed to the main entrance of the Beis Refuah Kaplan in Rechovot.

The sofer told Shturem that it was a difficult project, since parchment of this size is not easy to find. The mezuzah was written in the ksav of the Arizal. It was donated by former MK Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, and was affixed together with Kaplan’s administrator Prof. Yaakov Yahav.

An application has been made to have this mezuzah recognized by Guiness as the largest mezuzah in the world.


  • 1. Art or Mezuzah. wrote:

    It seems to be a Kosher Mezuzah and looks beautiful. It should be affixed on a doorpost rather then being used as an interesting piece of judaica displayed in a hospital lobby. (I feel the same about antique Torahs on display in museums.)

  • 2. Just One minute wrote:

    I believe he largest mezuzq exists at the entrance to border control at ben gurion

  • 3. michoel wrote:

    How can such a mezuzah be kosher? Surely such big letters would have been painted and not written!


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