From Days Gone By: Merkos Shlichus in the Early ’50s

A group of students of the newly established Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in 770 pose for a group photo prior to their departure on Merkos Shlichus, circa early 1950s. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • Fashion Police

    I see that almost all of the bochurim wore ties!

    Also take note of the color of their hats – most hats were not black (many grey hats and even a white hat!).

  • pic

    Front row: 2nd from right – Sholom Ber Gurari A”H, 4th from right – Yaakov Holtzman.
    2nd row: 1st on right -Sholom Ber Futerfas, with Whit hat – Feivel Rimler, 2nd from left – Moshe Groner A”H, above him, yibodel lchayim tovim, Harav Leibel Groner, Zajac.
    3rd row: 1st on left – Reb Dovid Raskin, Sholom Ber Alprowitz,

  • Merkos Shlichus

    first row at right- looks like Rabbi Binyomin Mentz
    in the 2nd row- 2nd from left- R’ Moshe Groner OBM
    in the third row- looks like R’ Leibel Groner

  • ID

    front bottom right is R’ Binyomin Mentz, back right looks like R’ Dovid Raskin

  • To fashion police

    Whats ur point? We wear black hats bcuz we want to do as the rebbe did. If u yearn for a tie and a grey hat cuz that will make u feel better, go ahead.

    • Fashion Police

      Point is that if today a bochur would dare wear a white hat, he would be considered “off the derech” or “with issues”.