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For the first time, a Purim Party was celebrated for the soldiers and employees of Aberdeen Proving Ground a US Army facility located in Maryland, thanks to the efforts of Maryland Shliach Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum and the Jewish Uniformed Service Association of Maryland-Chabad (JUSA).

The Soldiers and employees heard the story of Megilas Esther had a Purim feast, enjoyed Hamantashen and received camouflage Shalach Manos boxes from Koshertroops. JUSA plans to hold other Jewish events for Soldiers and Veterans.

At the Purim Party at APG, Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum , director of the Jewish Uniformed Service Association of Maryland (JUSA), CECOM Command Chaplain (COL) Darin Nielsen and APG Garrison Chaplain (LTC) Michael King.

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