Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Rep. Ilhan Omar in Damage-Control: ‘I unequivocally apologize’

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized today after facing political isolation for tweets that were condemned by both parties as anti-Semitic.

“Anti-Semitism is real and I am grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes,” Omar said. “My intention is never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole. We have to always be willing to step back and think through criticism, just as I expect people to hear me when others attack me for my identity. This is why I unequivocally apologize.”

She continued, “At the same time, I reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics, whether it be AIPAC, the NRA or the fossil fuel industry. It’s gone on too long and we must be willing to address it.”

Despite the expedient apology, Omar is due to speak this month at a fundraising event alongside a senior charity official who has published social media posts praising the killing of Jews. This was reported by Islamist Watch’s Sam Westrop.

Islamic Relief USA is hosting a fundraising dinner for aid to Yemen on February 23. Rep. Omar is due to speak alongside senior Islamic Relief USA official Yousef Abdallah, who was widely criticized in 2017 after the Middle East Forum found he had expressed violently anti-Semitic ideas on social media.


  • Moishe

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…Some of my best friends are Jewish…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….
    Chuck, Nancy, did i do right?

  • Jay from LI

    Former House of Rep Candidate Adem Bunkeddeko lost by only about 1100 votes in voting district that also encompasses heavily Brooklyn Jewish areas of Flatbush, Midwood down to belt parkway.

    Brooklyn Jews, perhaps led by the Micdrop ladies, should organize ahead of every democratic primary, using the Ztachlist and the “ZachGrid” with the addition of voting captains.

    Yvette Clarke got the job because of nepotism. Her mother is the political kingpin Uma Clarke. Yvette Clarke graduated from Medgar Evans and barely passed any legislation. Adem Bunkedekko graduated from Harvard law.

    There should be a Chabad website to link to, that shows when the democratic primaries are, electoral district maps, how to register and certified election results from NYC Board of Elections. Then there should be coordination with Flatbush and Midwood. 1100 votes for a Federal Seat ? Rise up early….

  • Jay from LI

    My previous comment should be corrected in that Adem Bunkedekko is a graduate of Harvard Business School not Harvard Law School.

  • Milhouse

    So she’s still accusing AIPAC of buying politicians; all she’s done is extend the same slander to the NRA and the fossil fuel industry too. That makes it worse, not better.

    No, Ms Omar, the role of lobbyists in our politics is not “problematic”. I notice that you didn’t mention the lobbyists of the ACLU, AARP, CAIR, NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood, #MeToo, the anti-gun industry, the “alternative fuels” industry, the Trial Lawyers Association, the unions, etc. Lobbying is an activity explicitly protected by the constitution, which I doubt you’ve read. The vast majority of lobbyist are honest and do not bribe anyone. It is shameful for you to casually libel them as you do.

  • Ugh!

    Why did you publish a photo of her?? Who cares to even look at this despicable anti-Semite’s face, let alone have to read about her?!
    She claims that she had to be educated about anti-Semitism? Oh puh-leeze!!