Children Learn about Tu B’Shvat at Mr Greens

A class of young students enjoyed a special treat ahead of Tu B’shva, they visited Mr. Greens – a local produce store – and got a visual lesson on the different new fruit from the stores owner Shloime Klein.

Children stared in wonder at the many different and exotic looking fruit, from a dragon fruit to a finger lime, giving them a living lesson on the special holiday of Tu B’shvat.

The stores owner Shloime Klein took various different items off the shelves and showed them to the children and explained some of the significance and how they relate to stories that heard and learned about – such as the store of the Rambam and the hand and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the carob tree.

Following the tour of the Mr. Greens produce store on Albany Avenue, the children each received a cooler bag with a ‘shehechyanu’ to take home.


  • 1. Proud friend. wrote:

    Shlomie klein is an awesome community member, Thanks.
    And of course thank you Rabbi Barnett for is tireless efforts for the chinuch of our children.

    Much hatzolah.

  • 2. Kraindy Klein wrote:

    How very nice for the children. So nice of Mr green. Thanks Shloime klein✔️

  • 3. Chani Vogel wrote:

    I remember when I arranged this kind of trip for my boys classes. We still have the Mr. Greens cutting board that Shloimy gave all the children.
    Every time I use the cutting board I think about Mr. Greens generosity and how the owners really go out of their way for our little ones. Thank you Shloimy, and may Hashem continue to bentch you with amazing children and nachas in ah gezunteh oifen always!


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