Thousands of Tishrei Guests Farbreng with Reb Yoel

On honor of Vov Tishrei, the Yohrtzeit of the Rebbetzin Chana, Vaad Hatmimi hosted a special farbregne with one of the Rebbes choizrim Reb Yoel Kahan with over 1,000 in attendance.

Photos by Mendy Hechtman, Shenur Mor Yosef and Shneur Rainitz


  • 1. Check your title wrote:

    How many thousands?

    Looking at pictures indicate that 500 count might be stretching it, let alone 1,000 or thousands….

  • 3. Where was this? wrote:

    Oholei Torah dining room?

    Not sure that venue can have over 1,000 in attendance.


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