Bais Rivkah High School Hosts Mega Challah Bake

In honor of Rebbetzin Chana’s Yartzeit on Vov Tishrei, the students of Bais Rivkah High School gathered for their very own Mega Challah Bake, representing the letter Ches in the name Chana which the Rebbe teaches is the mitzvah of challah. Preparations began long before school even started.

As the girls walked in, they were greeted by beautifully set tables and an exciting photo booth. Each girl got her own special magnet with the bracha for challah and ingredients.

The event was emceed by Chana Paltiel, and started off by reciting the Rebbe and Rebbetzins kapitel and giving tzedakah.

Live screens depicted the stage where Mrs. Fogelman addressed the crowd, and spoke about the deeper meaning behind the ingredients we put into our challah. Then she led the girls in making their own challah. As the dough was rising, the girls were surprised by a special performance by

Mindy Blatt, who’s inspirational singing about our rebbetzin’s, and songs about achdus was a highlight of the event. This was followed by a captivating video explaining the three mitzvos of a women, how each one corresponds to a letter in the name Chana, and how a high school girl can make each one of these mitzvos practical to her. A beautiful choir about Rebbetzin Chana was performed, followed by an exciting interactive “challah it!” game!

The stage then returned to Mrs. Fogelman, who then showed the girls how to make an easy and pretty challah braid. The girls braided their challah and then finished it off with an assortment of toppings. The evening left everyone off on a high and with a renewed appreciation for the mitzvah of challah, and fully prepared for the special day of Vov Tishrei.

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