Grimy Alleyway Turned into Jamaica Street Scene

A movie production crew converted a grimy Crown Heights alleyway into a bustling Jamaica market scene.

The scene in the alley behind the row of houses on Crown and Montgomery Street took two days to set up and will be cleaned up and gone by Friday. “As quick as it goes up, it comes down” said on the of the production crew members.


  • 1. Used to live there wrote:

    Too bad they can’t keep the Jamaica set. Definitely an upgrade

  • 3. NO PARKING??? wrote:

    Did they ask permission from houseowners for their garages to be used?

  • 4. moshe der g wrote:


    the alley is “private property”

    i wonder if they got (or needed) permission form all the homeowners

  • 6. wr32 wrote:

    maybe someone will change it again, now that they see what can be done. sometimes all one needs is an idea to get a vision.

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    Cool. Like golus. Just an illusion. As quick as it came, it will be gone.

  • 8. I wonder wrote:

    Why didn’t they just wait til labor day?
    What if I live in that alleyway how am I supposed to get my car in and out?

  • 12. CH resident wrote:

    Why grimy? Please don’t disparage our shchuna. An alley is just that, a back alley

  • 15. Mendel Feldman wrote:

    Great location.

    Did they have live chickens?

    Maybe they want to do a filming of Kaporos too. Wonderful neighbors who cooperated. It’s nice to see such
    Achdud in our community.

  • 16. Big Improvement wrote:

    #13: Where have you been? In Atlanta, they film rap videos in Chabad synagogues, so this actually isn’t so surprising. BTW, I recommend adopting the spelling “sh’chunah” instead.


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