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Helping Our Own Volunteers Rewarded

Hundreds of girls gathered in a beautifully decorated hall this past Tuesday – Rosh Chodesh Sivan. These young ladies were the Bais Rivkah volunteers of HOO, who help 110 families in Crown Heights.

In addition, they also volunteer for Bikur Cholim and Kimpatur project. The volunteers go once a week to play with children and give their mother a little break from her busy schedules.

“HOO – Helping Our Own” is a Chessed organization established by Rabbi Stock in Bais Rivka High School, designed to help families in need in our community. At the wrap up event there was an auction with prizes that were generously sponsored, a delicious buffet, and an inspiring address by Mrs. Krinsky. Girls were also recognized for doing extra hours of chessed, in addition to the amount required by school.

Mrs. Krinsky shared a moving story of how she wrote a letter to the Rebbe in honor of her Bas Mitzvah together with her twin. She described how she was disappointed that she had not written herself but had merely signed what her twin had written. However, when they received the response from the Rebbe, there were two letters! The sensitivity to give each their individual attention made her feel overjoyed and special. When we do small things to take others’ feelings into account, we can make a big difference in their lives.

With that, the girls were encouraged to keep doing chessed, to keep helping the community, and keep it up in the summer wherever they may find themselves.


  • 1. Eliezer Goodname wrote:

    Thanks you students of Bais Rivkah.
    Although the teachers are behind on 4-5 paychecks the dedication they give to the students and how the students act is truly amazing.
    I wish the other crown heights news website would publish the truth.
    The dinner seems it was just a way for the board to spend money, can you imagine they mentioned 100 people showing up to their dinner. Around 30 of those are the board members and their families that did not contribute to paying for the dinner.
    What good did the board do, and what scholarship fund is Mrs Boaz speaking of when my friends spoke to her in their tuition meeting she said Bais Rivkah is not here to give you breaks in tuition go get money! Seems they hired her to be mean to the parents as the board members don’t want to show to the parents their true colors.
    The crown heights committee was scammed by the board. We were told the old directors where stealing money and that the board will straighten it out.
    It is over a year and I am sure they went over the books many times and they cannot prove that money was taken.
    In addition, it seems the board members cannot even fundraise as they are behind in paying their teachers.
    So what has the community gained since the board took over Bais Rivkah.
    1. Higher tuition
    2. Mixed dinners
    3. Non-lubavitch leadership
    4. Board members without a hadeas ponim
    5. Board members who receive cut backs on loans they give to the school
    6. a chairdy event where the money went to pay board members for the loan plus interest they gave to Bais Rivkah.

    The list on non good things goes on and on.
    Crown heights parents should have elections on who should have a say in the community school.

    • 2. Resident wrote:

      This new lady is like the pharaoh . When I told her I can’t commit to more than x amount per child ( mind you it was a normal amount for a family that is working poor ) she said” what did you think when you were having these kids” …. I don’t get benefits or any help . But I’m honest and get slapped . This new board is hiding behind this woman who treats ppl like trash .

  • 3. Machah wrote:

    I am mostly disturbed with the mixed event attended by lubavitchers only.

    Never mind that it was held outside our Schunah.

    I was also suprised how the hanhalah rucnius who in the world of lubavitch are the only relevant hanhalah allowed this to happen.

    Is this what we want our daughters to see?

    Where is rabbi shemtov?


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