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Hundreds Attend “Thank G-d I’m Here” Event

For the first time in Crown Heights history, survivors of mental illness, addiction, and abuse were provided a real public platform to share their heroic stories., held its inaugural event this past Monday night at Educational Institute Oholei Torah, 667 Eastern Pkwy. was started by Dr. Eli Rosen MD, Aliya, Aliya Girls, Moishe Chanin and other concerned community members. Their goal is to create a healthy inner life for our youth by providing the platform, resources, and education needed to empower community members to support our youth more effectively, transforming caring feelings into impactful actions, with inspired results.

All 500 seats were filled and there was a continuous flow of standing room only guests. Four speakers were chosen to share their courageous and heroic stories of how they survived and grew tremendously from their challenges. Each one shared their own personal story which brought the crowd to tears an at the same time, left them uplifted. They spoke with unbelievable passion and eloquence, touching each and every person in the appreciative crowd in a very deep way.

After the presentations, participants were directed to the adjacent hall where a mental health resource fair featured a smorgasbord of local therapists and organizations that provide services for those in need.

In the aftermath of the event, the video was shared on the open internet and hundreds of people have come forward to express gratitude to the brave individuals who have shared their stories publicly. There have been many people reaching out for their own help after years of struggle and isolation.

The video can be viewed on the blog page


  • 1. Thank You wrote:

    My deepest thanks to all the speakers and organizers.
    Awareness, understanding, connection, love, and action are required.
    When a child or young adult has a change of behavior, we must recognize it and react in a positive and supportive way. Realization that they most likely went through trauma, whether physical, emotional, or sexual abuse should allow us to be compassionate instead of chas v’shalom chasing them away. Parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, etc. should be supportive. Love the person. Understand that they may not be able to initially share the underlying cause of their deep pain, but it exists. I beg of all especially the parents and Yeshivas not to make the environment difficult for these people in pain. The suffering may last years. The best medicine is pure love. What better way to teach true ahavas yisroel, and make us all better people


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