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Long Island Girls Schools Parade on Lag BaOmer

Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island in Lynbrook joined the Cheder at the Ohel Parade on Lag BaOmer in neighboring Valley Stream.

The 4th grade enjoyed painting  and designing their float in preparation for the big day. Pre 1a made a small “marching band” with tambourines that they decorated. 1st and 2nd grade made beautiful banners to march with, each one portraying different mitzvos.  On the other side, they had posters with their Tzivos Hashem ranks on them.

The entire school enjoyed their day parading through the streets and in Valley Stream State Park, participating in the rally where each class was able to say one of the 12 posukim.

The girls then had a good time running relay races, and finished off with refreshing ices and bubbles (it was quite hot outside!) before getting on their buses back home for the afternoon.


  • 1. Great Parade Gread School wrote:

    Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island marched together (yet separately) from Cheder at the Ohel which is a boys school also located in Long Island.

    I have children in both schools.

    The Parade was great for all of the children. They all really enjoyed it as well as the rally and activities.

    Thank you to the organizers!

  • 2. Proud Tatty wrote:

    Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island has the best students and the best morehs.

    Every student counts. Every student matters. Parents are involved.


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