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Over 1,500 Participate in Montral Lag BaOmer Festivities

Over 1,500 Jewish children enjoyed Lag BaOmer festivities, which included a parade and rally, in Montreal, Canada. Though it was set to rain the entire day, it held up just long enough during the parade and rally time so that the children can enjoy the days events.

The Chabad community in Montreal, one of the only cities in the world which organizes a grand Lag BaOmer Parade whether its Sunday or in middle of the week, celebrate the yahrzeit of the Rashbi.

1500 kids from 10 Jewish schools in Montreal attended the event which began in front of Cote Saint Luc city hall in a display of Jewish unity and pride, as instructed by the Rebbe.

Young students recited the 12 Pesukim followed by greetings from Chabad dayanim Rabbi Banon and Rabbi Bell

10 car floats and creative floats were prepared by bochurim of the Yeshiva Zal

Children marching held signs in both English and French calling to “Learn Torah” and “Love your fellow Jew” as they walked down Cavendish Boulevard to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park. A fascinating concert featuring Chaim Fogelman along with circus shows, magic show and raffles concluded yet another Lag BaOmer day in Montreal surely to be remembered until next year.

Chabad activist Rabbi Dovid Cohen, the organizer was the MC and greeted participants to the festival honoring Rabbi Shimon bar Yochei’s yahrzeit. and thanked the Head Shliach Rabbi Berel Mochkin for his leadership.

A big thank you goes out to Rabbi Yisroel & Miriam Cohen ,who came specially to town to coordinator the event with the help of Rabbi Mordechy Amzalag, hatomim Levi Avraham, Samuel Polter, Nuchom Rabin, Shalom Botman, Mendel Speilman,  and Yudi Filler.

Photos by Sender Z

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    Go Montreal!! And Rabbi Dovid Cohen !! We are so lucky to have u!! The Rebbes shepping nachas!!


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