Photos: Buying Back the Chometz

After having sold the Chometz before Pesach, Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and Rabbi Shimon Hecht got together with Winston, the gentile who purchased the Chometz, and bought back the Chometz.


    • 2. Real wrote:

      Well know you know. He is used by Anash in CH and shluchim all over America with halachaic shaaylos.

      In fact he trained one of the other ch rabbis in the process of selling chametz.

  • 3. CR wrote:

    Hakoras haTov where needed and appropriate.

    Thank you, Winston, for helping Jews in CH and elsewhere enjoy a chag kosher v’sameach.

  • 5. Racheli wrote:

    Thank you, Winston, but certainly, you could have included his last name as a sign of dignity and respect?


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