Photos: Seudas Moshiach in 770

Acharon Shel Pesach is particularly associated with Moshiach and the future redemption. The Baal Shem Tov instituted the custom of partaking of a “Seudas Moshiach” on the afternoon of the last day of Passover; in addition to the Matzah eaten at “Seudas Moshiach”, the Rebbes of Chabad added the custom of drinking four cups of wine, as in the Seder held on Passover’s first days.


  • 1. Gershon Shapiro wrote:

    Did you forget the Huge crowd & the Simcha downstairs or do they not exist here anymore except when there a juicy & bad story to tell?

    • 2. Funny wrote:

      Funny you should ask Reb Gershon, but I witnessed a grotesque display of violence when the photographer attempted to take pictures he was violently assaulted by a group of yellow flaggers.

      I guess that is what there are no pictures, since there seems to be a monopoly in which only fellow mishechistim are allowed to take pictures without being menaced and assaulted.

      For shame!

    • 3. To Gershon wrote:

      I saw the CH Info photographer getting smacked around and his camera took some punishment as well. In fact in previous years there were always pics of downstairs as well.

  • 4. Lo Zu Haderech! wrote:

    The huge crowd downstairs neither represent the Rebbe nor Lubavitch. Posting pictures of their gathering would only bring disrespect to the Rebbe and Lubavitch. That’s why there are no pictures of their flags.

  • 5. Lo Zu Haderech! wrote:

    6:19 מְלָכִים ב

    ‘וַיֹּאמֶר אֲלֵהֶם אֱלִישָׁע, ‘לֹא זֶה הַדֶּרֶךְ וְלֹא זֹה הָעִיר

    And Elisha said unto them: ‘This is not the way, neither is this the city’

  • 6. Let's not twist things wrote:

    You probably tried taking pictures before Maariv. The Rabonim said it’s ossur to take pictures before then, since everyone is still Yomtovdik. (Hence there are no videos or pictures of the Rebbe from these Farbrengens throughout the years even though they went much past Tzeis).

    Let’s not mix flags into this.

    • 7. False wrote:

      On another website there was an entire gallery of pictures with people in the midst of davening maariv and of seudas moshiach itself. The only difference is that their photographer is a fellow mishechist and therefore it is ok.

      The Rebbe himself was ok with photographs being taken on Yom Tov of him Farbrening – as are the photographs which were taken by a New York Times photographer and by invitation.

      You can see those pictures here:

      If the Rebbe was ok with it, and this photographer was not assaulted while doing his work, im sure that there is no issue, as I am certainly sure that your fictitious and so-called rabbonim certainly didn’t give permission to go about hitting people.

      Stop using my holy torah to equate and make moral equivalencies between physically harming someone and some fake and non-existent halachos.

      You sir would make an excellent spokesperson for Hamas.

  • 8. No wrote:

    Downstairs there was actually NOT a huge crowd and also not sure where the REGULAR Anash are hiding out? They were not downstairs! Are they spread out in all the other Shuls? Out of town?

    Very strange indeed

  • 9. #7, get your facts straight wrote:

    the Rebbe was not ok with photos taken before maariv at a yomtov farbrengen. a ny times photographer took that famous picture from the womens section, and then everyone looked up and pointed at her. she then took off.
    the pictures we have are all from after maariv.

    • 10. false again wrote:

      The photographer was a man and it was taken from a bleacher and in plain view. And no he was not “pointed out” and he did not “take off”.


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