Photos: Avos U’banim Finale in Coral Springs

Over 60 fathers and sons gathered for a finale event to this years season of Avos U’banim in Coral Springs, FL. Taking place over the past 18 weeks, they shared time every Motzai Shabbos to study together and were treated to banquet.

The kitchen was expertly handled by community members Mrs. Fran Green and Mrs. Simone Klein. They did a fantastic job setting up the tables and chairs, manning the food concession stand, handling a long line of participants waiting patiently for hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream and other goodies.

The music was excellently provided by Moshe Pekkar, and children were busy enjoying quality time with their fathers, dancing, and learning. Rabbi Denburg explained the significance of the day and told a fantastic story.

Thanks to all the sponsors this season for helping make Avos U’Banim possible. Also, Yasher Koach to the Chabad of Coral Springs shul for hosting us every week. Most importantly, yasher koach to all the boys and fathers who came and spent quality time learning together!

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  • 1. Shmuel berel wrote:

    Yasher koach to Rabbi Pesach Klein and Simone Klein for all their wonderful work making this important event amazing!!


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