Shloshim Held for R’ Michoel Behrman OBM

Family, friends and acquaintances gathered Wednesday evening to mark the Sholoshim [thirty days] since the passing of R’ Michoel Behrman OBM, who was among the first of the Baalei Teshuva movement who came to Crown Heights.

The crowd heard about Michoel from family members, as well as an interview he conducted with his son Yaakov a short while ago. In the interview he detailed some of his background and travels seeking spirituality and how he ultimately ended up in Crown Heights as an observant Jew.


  • 1. A giant of a Man wrote:

    Emes thru and thru
    A completely devoted husband, father, and Chosid
    Moshiach NOW !!!

  • 3. Special person wrote:

    I don’t think I ever saw him without his hat on, even in NCFJE where he directed their substance abuse program. But as well as being a sincerely frum Jew, he was always joking and smiling. He achieved so much, always helping others not just people who were addicts, but everyone. He will be missed.


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